Well, time for a daily update.

Today– (looks at clock)  Sorry.

Yesterday, was Saturday.  And like all good Saturdays, it started around 11:30 or so.   I got up, and since my family is usually away yard sale-ing, I have the house to myself.  So, I played Battlefield 1942 till they came home, then continued to play Battlefield 1942.  Later, my friend Matt McCormick came over to see Battlefield 1942.  I like Battlefield 1942

After we impressed ourselves with Battlefield 1942, we went to the mall and saw “Hulk”.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Much deeper than one would expect.  After the movie, we went over to his house and corrupted our minds with old South Park episodes.  He brought me home and borrowed my copy of Battlefield 1942 so that he could be sucked in, as I was.

So, in conclusion: Battlefield 1942


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