005’s Top Five Games of All-Time

5.   Kingdom Hearts.  They said it couldn’t be done.  And that if it was done, that it would suck.  But Square proved them wrong.  Disney and Square made an amazing game, with flawless graphics, most of the original Disney voice actors, great plot, and keys as weapons.  Ah yes, keys as weapons.  Now all I have to do is play it for myself.  Like all good and long games, I get tired and Tim finishes the game for me.

4.   Battlefield 1942.  Well, I had to include this on here.   This game is the ultimate in war games.  You can run and shoot, or you can jump in a tank or plane or battleship and do whatever you want.  And being online, you play against people from around the world, up to 64 altogether!  It gets insane.  Too bad I’m not any good. 

3.    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  This game is horrible.  I mean, sex, drugs, violence…  but why is it so much fun?!  The do-anything-and-everything aspect of the game is beyond anything else out there.  Steal anything, destroy everything, anytime, anywhere.  The best part about it: it takes place in the 80’s and has an amazing soundtrack of 80’s music.  If you buy the game, most of the money you spend is probably paying for the music rights, there’s so many great songs on here.

2.    Final Fantasy VII.  Remember what I said about good and long games up above?  Well, this game deserved my time and attention.  And the plot kept going and going; it was like a good book, I couldn’t put it down.  Yes, I still used Tim to get levels, but I did all the plot moving and major battles in this game. 

1.   The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  This game is my all-time favorite.  It was the first game I ever really got into, and I played and played and played it.  Although the used copy we bought had a completed save, I actually went through and beat it myself.  I downloaded the emulator and beat it again, but its not the same.  I need a SNES just to play this again.  Zelda games are the reason for owning Nintendo systems.


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  1. You’re a dork, but I love it.
    Mine, in no particular order-the ORIGINAL Mario Bros., Sonic 1 or 3 (not sure), Crash Bandicoot Warped, Tekken, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I’m so old school.  Those are pretty much the only games/type of games I’ve ever even played, besides being forced to play some games by guy friends.

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