ˆThis is the worst movie ever.ˆ

Well, today was pretty much an average day.  I deep cleaned every bathroom in the P-W, and after lunch, Sarah Kistner, Dessa Cooper, and I cleaned all the lobbies in Brown.  Normally, this would be as boring as Red Zone Cuba without Mike and the Bots, but the girls lightened it up.

After work, I read this hilarious website (http://www.x-entertainment.com) for a few hours.  X-Entertainment is a hilarious (but sometimes vuglar) review of products, toys, and movies from our childhood.  I should have more fun with it once their archive is complete, but until then, I laugh at what I can get. 

The reason I read the site so long was because I was waiting for Ken Yanish.  Now, you see, at 5:00, Ken IMs saying that when I want to play Battlefield 1942 with him, just tell him.  So at 6:30, I tell him I’m ready.  Around 7:00, he replies back and says that he’s going to call someone first.  At 8:30, we finally start playing.

Sherri was in Pigeon Forge yesterday and today, but her step-dad got sick and they had to go back before she could visit us all here.    Pray for her step-dad, would you?

OK, back to the movie…


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