So, yeah, I’m back.  And glad to be back here, online, entertaining you with stories from my life. 

On second thought, I’m too tired to be entertaining.  Facts, for now.   And random pictures.  Sure, why not?

This past weekend, I went to Indiana with my mom and family.  Our first stop was to drop me off at my dad and step-mom’s.

It’s weird seeing all of my parental units together, so I had to teke a picture.  Anyway, I haven’t seen them for some time, so we had fun.  Went out to Steak’n’Shake, which since the one up here closed down, I missed.  Food was as cold and service was as bad as I remember, not sure why I missed it…

Sometimes I think I’m adopted.  I look nothing like my dad…

Anyway, I spent the night there, and on Saturday, I got up early and did what every human with cable on Saturday should do.  Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Saturday’s film?  Squirm, a really bad movie about some Yankee goin’ down to Georgia and a bunch of electrified worms eating people.  Right.

After the film, we went to my cousin’s Little League game.  For being 5 or something, he sure can play baseball.

The game was short work, with one of the teams beating the other team by some amount of points.  I was taken to the hotel at which my mom and stepdad were staying (confused yet?).

We visted some old church friends of ours and cooked out there.  We went to a nearby park, where I had spent much of my childhood.  After being mad at my cellphone for not letting me talk to my roommate, I got all nostalgic, which included playing with the timer on my digicam:

The next day was Sunday, which meant home church time.  My parents (mom and stepdad, for those keeping track) finally placed their membership at Gap Creek down here, which meant that I was the only member there.  The things I do for $1200.  A semester. 

Anyway, this also meant seeing one of my Ex’s, a Krystle Zych.  She’s that girl you’ve known for years that had a crush on you, back when you didn’t like girls, then you did, then you dated her, then you broke up for no reason really.

Which is ok, because all we do is argue.  I mean, if we didn’t argue, we would never speak.  So I guess it’s good…  Somewhat.

After church and lunch with the aforementioned Zychs, my family and I drove to Brookville, IN to visit my grandparents.  If that town sounds familiar, it’s because thats where the Minton girls are from, along with Summey, Fehl, and others.  Anyway, my grandparents live like 3 blocks from the Mintons, so I was going to surprise Krystal at Arby’s (where I was told she was).  Apparently, she beat me there and back, so I just went to her house.  I pulled up in my parent’s SUV, and Krystal’s mom yelled at Krys inside.  She came out and was confused, but then she saw it was me, so she got all happy and gave me a hug.  And as we were hugging, Jen Minton came out to see me.  Nothing wrong there.  Then Drew2 (Butler).  That was weird.  Then Adriane Beason.  That was downright odd.  Apparently, it was party time at the Mintons, and I crashed.

They’re a ton of fun. 

I didn’t get to stay long because I had to visit my aunt and cousin and grandparents.  Didn’t take any pictures of them. 

We got back today and everyone called my cell at once.  I talked to Tim, then Sherri.

I hadn’t talked to Tim for a while, but I got his voicemails.  Danielle broke up with Tim.  Shock of the century.  Apparently, she wants to focus more on God and it’s not like Tim was bringing her down, it’s just that he wasn’t bringing her up either.  Tim’s getting better, but he really loves her and wants to be with her.  It’s cute, really. 

But this whole thing convicts me as well.  I’ve been told by several girls that they want the guy in their relationship to be a spiritual leader.  And now Tim lost D for not being just that.  I need to learn how to be a spiritual leader.  I’ll ask my stepdad.  He’s a spiritual leader. 

And here’s a plug for Sherri’s “Encourage-Drew-A-Thon”, found in the comments on my last post. 

That’s enough for now.  RANDOM NOTE: 12 days till I meet a girl I’ve chatted with for 4 years, but never actually met.  She’s coming and staying a whole week.  Pretty sweet, huh? 


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