Quick update:

Avery’s here.  She’s not a 40 year-old black male ex-convict, no matter what Tim might have thought. 

She’s nice and sweet.  We’ve already been out to eat, to the movies (Finding Nemo), and to Gatlinburg (and didn’t get married!).

The movies thing was funny, because we wanted to see Pirates of the Carribean, but I went to the wrong mall!

In Gatlinburg, I got Sting!  (The sword, not the singer).  (And not really the sword, but a replica of the replica.  Much cheaper that way, one should think).  It’s cool!  And sharp!  Tim had better watch out!

OK, tired, bed.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Glad you’re having fun Drew!  It is to bad though that Avery isn’t a 40 year old black male ex-con…that could have been fun for the rest of us 😉

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