She’s gone.  I just got back from dropping Avery off at the airport.  For those of you not in “the know” let me put you in “the know”…

The Story of Avery

January 1999. I was new to the whole realm of chatting.  I used Yahoo! Pager back then, using a name that was subordinate to my parents’.  Before that day, I don’t recall having ever really being IMed by anyone before.  But I got an IM that day from a person I only knew as “SKAFrEak_2002”.  I didn’t know who this was, and didn’t even know the sex of the person.  But we hit it off well.  We chatted for months before her parents even allowed me to know her name.

Her name was Avery.

We continued to chat, and if a day went by where we didn’t it was not a complete day.  We talked on the phone a couple times, and sent each other packages.  Yes, we even had little crushes on each other. 

We chatted up until I left for Honduras in early 2000.

Years passed.  I would get emails from her randomly, something about going to school in California and having a boyfriend.  I lost track of her.

March 2003.  I got an email from Avery.  She had been thinking about me and wondered how I was doing.  And she gave me her AOL Instant Messanger name.

We started talking again.  Soon, the topic was back on something that we used to talk about often back in The Day: wouldn’t it be cool to meet?  Heck, we’re both “adults”, I wasn’t doing anything, she wasn’t doing anything, why not?

So last Saturday, I went to the airport and picked up a girl I’ve never met before.  During the week, we went to many movies (see the Reviews section of this site for my opinions), out to eat, Gatlinburg, Dolly’s Splash Country, and the Mayfield Dairy Plant.  And every night, we stayed up and watched a movie in the living room.  She’d play with my little brothers, we’d talk, she even joined us in Family Bible Time.

For those of you concerned, no we did not make out.   Our relationship was pure and clean, like with the sister I never had.  She’s a good friend, and I’d love to have her back sometime.

In closing, here’s a picture for your enjoyment:

So, now that there is nothing left in this summer until Zach’s wedding (which is actually pretty soon), I’ll be online more often and writing in here (almost) every night.

Until then…


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