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The End is Near
By Five Iron Frenzy
“See the Flames Begin to Crawl”

So, Baby Gracie wasn’t at church tonight.   But there was a visitor with a baby, so I watched Baby Mason.  He was tired and cranky, and just slept on me.

I wandered into the other classroom, and they were watching “Bibleman”.  What a horrible show.  If you haven’t seen it, it stars some guy from “‘Charles in Charge’ Fame” as a “super” hero, whose only weapon is the Scripture.  Nothing wrong with that, but he overacts everything.  And this kids… UGH.  They were in some musical variety show thing about the Bible in school.  Besides that being illegal in 47 states, whenever they started singing, the camera went freaky.  Like swirlys and junk.  It was nauseating.  And I couldn’t help but think about how all these kids are my age now.  I haven’t decided whether or not being in that movie would be a plus or minus in my opinion of them.

Enough of that.  I need to play Battlefield.  I’ve been watching some crazy stunt videos from the game, now I want to try some of them myself.


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