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Timberlake Pelted With Garbage at SARS Benefit Gig

imagePop hunk Justin Timberlake‘s appearance at Canada’s SARS benefit concert left crowds so unimpressed, they pelted him with garbage. The show at Toronto’s Downsview Park kicked off on a low point for the ‘N Sync frontman on Wednesday when a concertgoer’s sign questioning the singer’s sexuality made it to the Jumbotron screens for about 15 seconds. Timberlake took to the stage seemingly aware of crowd’s upset, when he declared, “This will be over before you know it.” During his mini-set of “Cry Me A River,” “Senorita” and “Rock Your Body,” the ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears sang away as he dodged water bottles flung by anti-pop audience members, and winced slightly at their less than playful jeers. After quietly thanking the city of Toronto for generally being welcoming to him and his tour crew, Timberlake left the stage to make way for more crowd-pleasing acts including the Guess Who, Rush, AC/DC and headliners The Rolling Stones. But Timberlake made a return later in the evening when Mick Jagger invited him onstage for a performance of Miss You. Guitarist Keith Richards angrily motioned to the crowd to show the pop star a little respect when a few more bottle were pelted his way during the performance. Timberlake hugged Jagger and thanked each Rolling Stone by his first name, then humbly made a quick exit.


Poor guy.


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