So today, I got up really early so I could go to Jefferson City Christian Chruch with Marcus.  It takes a while to get there, and he had to play, so we got there pretty early.  After the service, I went to the Sunday school class, led by our friend Steve Politte.

After it was all over, we came back to campus, then Steve and Stephanie Politte, Marcus, and I went all the way across town to go to Steak ‘n’ Shake.  Stephanie had to stop at Super Wal*Mart on the way back, so us boys stayed in the car (forever ).  She finally came out and we went to Guitar Center, then back to their apartment, where we watched some of my Mystery Science Theater.

After the movie, I was going to move back into the house, and as I was packing my stuff, Mom called to say that they were back.  Good timing.

Their revival thing went well, I’m sure Mom will tell you on her site (MrsM2K).

I’m going to finish my Steak ‘n’ Shake Frisco Melt and watch some Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.



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  1. That is one thing that we have in common and we cant argue about it!.. We both like  Frisco Melts! lol I thought I would just shout that out! lol cause I remember when we went and ate there here back in Indy.. we were both going to order it but you changed it to a different melt just to be difficult!

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