Sorry about my last entry.  I was mad.

Let me give you the backstory.  I come home from work for lunch, and I have tons of IMs from Nick Geisert.  Apparently, he had been reading my site, and told me:

Bobsfrogs1 (9:25:50 AM): I read some of your profile and I think you need to stop listening to dashboard
(9:37:44 AM): Your desperate for a girl and that’s a bad place to be

He went on to give me the same (good) advice he usually gives me, however unneeded.  I laughed it off, wondering how he got that out of the last few days’ entries.  Maybe the “now taking applications for dating/marriage. ” part hit him wrong.

Earlier this evening, I was sitting here chatting, when Mac IMs.  First she asks me about DeadAIM, which I sold her on, then she tells me that her dad has the answer to all my girl problems.  Read along with me, if you would:

Amanda McRaven (9:06:19 PM): He says you’ve got a lot of things going for you, and at first he couldn’t understand all my stories about you not being able to get a date.
Amanda McRaven (9:06:31 PM): And he nailed it:
(9:06:38 PM): im too desperate
ZeldaLegolas (9:06:40 PM): say it
ZeldaLegolas (9:07:28 PM): SAY IT
Amanda McRaven (9:07:29 PM): “He would have no problem at all, he’s smart, he’s witty, he’s attractive. But he’s got to learn to leave a little mystery about his feelings and stop talking about “Oh she dumped me, I dumped her…”
Amanda McRaven (9:07:38 PM): He didn’t say you were too desperate.
ZeldaLegolas (9:07:39 PM): hm
ZeldaLegolas (9:07:43 PM): interesting
ZeldaLegolas (9:07:48 PM): hide my feeling
ZeldaLegolas (9:07:49 PM): s
Amanda McRaven (9:07:57 PM): And when I thought about it… it made sense.
ZeldaLegolas (9:08:04 PM): hm
ZeldaLegolas (9:08:19 PM): how?
Amanda McRaven (9:08:20 PM): Cause when I first met you, I thought you were hott, and I thought you were very smart and cool.
Amanda McRaven (9:08:48 PM): But then you didn’t hide ANyTHING you felt about ANYONE!
Amanda McRaven (9:08:53 PM): ANd that was a turnoff.
Amanda McRaven (9:09:01 PM): So, just leave some mystery.
ZeldaLegolas (9:09:08 PM): what?
ZeldaLegolas (9:09:16 PM): stop being open?
ZeldaLegolas (9:09:36 PM): *drew is hurt somewhat*
Amanda McRaven (9:09:47 PM): Girls don’t have to know about your romantic intentions and past entanglements until after they’ve decided to go steady with you.
ZeldaLegolas (9:10:10 PM): all one usually hears is “you need to be more open blahblahblah”
Amanda McRaven (9:10:21 PM): No no, I mean, yes… Just start being more discrete.
Amanda McRaven (9:10:35 PM): Discretion is a virtue.
ZeldaLegolas (9:10:54 PM): riiight

This really did hurt me.  I mean, I’m open.  That’s just the way I am.  If Mac doesn’t like it then maybe *gasp* she isn’t The One for me!  Shocking, I know.

Well, after the family went to bed, I took a walk to let my feelings out.  I went down to the Boschains to maybe pick up Sherri, but we couldn’t get situated, so she stayed up at the security booth and on my way up, I ran into Marcus and Steve Politte.  I vented to them for a bit, and they helped me out.  Steve said not to let it get to me, and Marcus offered to talk to Mac about trying to run my life.  I thanked them, then went up and visited DJ and Sherri up at the booth.  Marcus joined us, and a swell time was had by all.

I drove Sherri in her Camero up to my house, and then I vented to her.  She opened up and admitted that one of the things that had attracted her to me was my openness.  So, there. Seems like I can fare pretty well the way I am.

Like Mom was telling me earlier, there’s someone out there for everyone.  She then proceeded to list some annoying married people we know and say “Look at them!  They found someone!”

Anyway, I’m waiting on God.  OK?


8 thoughts on “

  1. *Insert cliche advice here*
    Hope that helped. And on a side note; I want to encourage you that you are doing well if you are satisfied with being who you are. From my end, it’s tough to have a true identity if you are always looking to tweak your image in order to be a people pleaser. I struggle with this…

    DREW:  Numero Uno: I said you WEREN’T desperate!!! Hence, “Amanda McRaven (9:07:38 PM): He didn’t say you were too desperate.”  
    Agh!  NOw I can’t get the black off. 
    Anyway, that was meant to ENCOURAGE you!  Not hurt you or put you down!  Cause I’ve heard the too desperate rutein, blah blah blah, and I know that hasn’t been the case for a good long time.
    Number TWO:  You’ve clearly forgoten what I’m trying to do here from the get go.  I’m not trying to RUN  your life…  I’m trying to RUIN your life!  There’s a big difference!
    You win this battle though.  Just as you instructed him to do, Marcus DID give me a talking to, and I can’t keep you as my pet ex-boyfriend any more.  At first I resisted, but… what can I say, I’ve got a real soft spot for the curly one. 
    So, that’s it.  I can’t keep you anymore.  Run FREE!  RUN FREE!!!!!!!  YOU STUPID EX-BOYFRIEND!!!  GET OUT OF HERE!   I DON’T WANT YOU ANY MORE!!!!  *sobs remeniscent of the end of Free Willy*  GO BACK TO YOUR OWN KIND!!!!  *More sobs*  Don’t you SEE??  OUT THERE IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!  *Sobs Sobs Sobs*  GET OUT OF HERE!!!  *Mac runs back to the old family station wagon where Mom and Dad are waiting to take thier broken hearted but noble daughter back home, away from the woodlands where she left her fine feathered friend.*

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