So, today was Seminar Day.  The Walk-Thru-The-Bible seminar (despite being started by Bruce Wilkinson) was pretty good.

I sat next to Allie Almond, a girl from DJ, Ken, and Spaulding’s church in Florida.  She’s pretty cool.   After the seminar, we went to Wal*Mart and stuff.  Maybe we’ll hang out more, maybe we won’t.  We’ll see.

My not-chasing-after-freshmen-girls oath is working pretty well.  I can hang out with most any girl, and think of them as I would a friend; not like in the past, where every girl was either a potential girlfriend or they weren’t.  I’m just going to let God do the “dirty work”.    Part of me feels like I might miss something if I don’t try; but the other part of me keeps reminding me that I’ve “tried” before, and pretty much failed miserably.  I just wish The One was wearing a sign that said “Hey Drew!  Look no further, I’m your One!”  *sigh*

Anyway, classes start tomorrow, and as you can see from my schedule, it’s a doozy.  Wednesdays and Fridays however, are not.

Love you all, my Loyal Readers.  Have a good year.


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  1. Drewby, I have come to the same realization as you.  There’s no point of chasing after the opposite sex.  God will bring them to you.  I only wish I had realized this earlier.  Could have said a lot of emotions.  You’re a good kid Drewby.  And by the way, nice shirt. 😉

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