I’ve written this three times now…

Friday was the first installment of Friday Night Films this semester.  Tim, Erin, DJ, Sherri, John, Bekah, Joe, Desiree, Abby, Allie, and I went up to Clark lobby and watched Two Towers.  Much explaining had to be done, but I think it was enjoyed by all.

Saturday afternoon, I took Joyful and Tiffany to go pick up the pictures that Joyful and I had done at K-Mart last month.  They actually turned out better than expected, and the photographer was really nice and cut us some sweet deals.

Soon after I got back, I went and picked up Allie and we went to Gatlinburg.  Our original plan was to get all-you-can-eat ribs at Applebees, but that deal expired Friday, so I just got a regular order of ribs.  After we ate, Allie and I took a walk around town, laughing and generally having a good time.  Allie found a pet rock (which she got a face painted on and named “Tracee”), and then the three of us went up the space needle thing, because I’d never been up there.  On our way back through town, I got a carmel apple and Allie got a candy apple.  Which was a bad idea, because her candy apple managed to turn her mouth all red!   On the way back, we complained to each other about our cheeks hurting because we were laughing so hard, which would make us laugh even more…

I love hanging out with Allie.  We always manage to have such a good time together and laugh till our cheeks hurt.  You know, for the first time in a long time, I actually have a good feeling about this…


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  1. Dude, I’m NOT going back to KCC.  I’m going to Purdue North Central.  Silly Drew.
    I sounded like that b/c my voice was gone.  But it’s back now, and there was much rejoicing.  Yay.  Name THAT movie!
    The End.

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