Well, today had its mood swings.  Up, down, up, down, left, right, b, a, select, start…  Then I got 99 lives and felt better. (You get that reference, you get a cookie).

I apologize to everyone I snapped at.  And everyone I didn’t snap at, consider yourself blessed.   I’m not sure what brought on the moods, but it might have been the rain.

In other news:  24 is the best television show I have ever had the opportunity to witness.  I bought the first season on DVD the other night just because I heard it was good.  I’m barely halfway done, and I already plan to buy the second season and watch it in time to catch up for the third season which starts October 28 on Fox.  Every hour-long episode takes place in an hour of the life of the director of a counterterrorist unit, and each season encompasses one day.  Amazing scriptwriting, amazing acting, amazing concept, amazingly implemented.  Watch it.


4 thoughts on “

  1. You know him!!!  You gotta hook me up.  Not in the hook me up on a date kinda way.  The Hook me up I wanna meet him kinda way.  And judging by the way you said you’re related to him…if he were a female (or if you were) you could legally marry him and there’d be nothing weird or wrong about it.  So I’m guessing neither one of us will probably ever meet him.
    Wow…that comment was longer than my last post.

  2. Oh, and that’s a Contra reference — but, I own all the cookies in the room, so you have no choice but to let me have not just one cookie, but all of them. =) Maybe I can use this as a ticket to make you stop eating all my food.

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