Long time no update.  Here’s how my weekend went:


Friday night, I wanted to have Allie take me to Wal*Mart, but by the time I got back to her, she was going bowling with some friends.  I was going to go with her, but I changed my mind, then resisted her womanly wiles to stand up for myself and not let her manipulate me into going with them.  Ken, proud of me, took me to Wal*Mart.


Saturday, I filmed and helped edit my first commercial.  It’s for the Junior Class Fundraiser (titled “Truckload of Men”), and it should be shown just before Chapel sometime this week.  I got 4 girls to help me out, since most of the girls who told me they wanted to be in one of my movies were out of town.  The four were Kimmy Hanze, Kelly Harris, Jen Minton, and Christina Rexrode, who doesn’t even go here.  Nick Geisert was a source of some really good ideas, and I’m grateful to him and the girls.



Today, I played with Baby Gracie during church.  She wanted to sit in the chairs, so I let her.  Then the other kids came out and she just sat there with them while they had communion!


Tonight at church, I taught Skyler’s class.  There were just 3 other kids in there, but the only girl in there got a crush on me.  Why is it only the 9 year olds?


After church, Allie took me out to Taco Bell and worship at the river, so she could tell me how HER weekend went (pretty sucky).  After worship, the two of us went to the World’s Fair Park and walked, talked, and played.  We had a ton of fun, as usual.


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