What is it with people?  Abby came up to me today and said that she had just eaten dinner with some friends of ours and the conversation somehow turned to how Abby could be married right now if she had dated me.  Pardon?  And not 15 minutes after she tells me this, I see her again and she says that she just ran into two more people who thought that we were dating.

Abby and I are not dating.  We never have.  We hang out maybe twice a week, and I am finally getting comfortable in being just friends with her, so please, don’t assume more.

Thank you.


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  1. I’m not mad, it just reads that way.  Actually, I think it’s pretty funny that the rumors still abound 6 months after I stopped obsessing about Abby.  I mean really.  It’s obvious that we’re not dating.  Maybe it’s the cheesy terms of endearment I yell at her when she leaves me…

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