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So, today was another one of those days where I should be really depressed, but I’m not.  On my way up to work in the Library computer lab this afternoon, I checked my mail with Allie and got my Pauline Lit test back.  With a big “F” on it.   Yes, Drew failed a test.  Write the newspapers, call the TV stations.  Now, I studied for this test more than I’ve ever studied for a test before (which isn’t saying much, really), and I was disappointed in my results.  So I carried it around and complained to everyone would would listen.  Eventually, I was like “hey, these numbers don’t add up…”, so I added them up.  And Rumple made a mistake.  He took off 10 more points than he was supposed to, so instead of a 55, I really got 65, which is a D!    I’m happy to get a D…  How the mighty have fallen.

So, people have been asking me lately how I’m doing, and I still say “excellent.”  Partly out of habit, and partly because I am.  Although my brand new computer died Sunday and Rumple’s test stabbed me in the back and kicked my corpse into next week, I’m still happy.  I’m not letting these ultimately little things get me down.  Truckload of Men is shaping up better than I could ever imagine (with maybe a showing of my first commerical again in chapel tomorrow, and a new commercial being filmed Saturday) and the Costume Extravaganza III is coming together too.

So, in the end, life is good. 


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  1. Drew! You got a D! I’m so proud of you. And I’m glad you’re an eternal optimist. We need you to balance out those of us who have no sense of the relative importance of things.

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