^ Finally, Indiana Jones on DVD.  ^

Speaking of Indiana, my desktop computer, Indy III, is dead.  Bob Grover pronounced the hard drive inactive around 5 this afternoon.  So I suppose I’ll pick it up tomorrow and call Advent and have them send me a new hard drive.  Indy III.2 is coming a heck of a lot sooner than I imagined.

I hate writing these things after midnight.  You all get the email update two days after the events occurred.  But if you join the blogring, it arranges the members in the order that they last updated.  It’s pretty cool.

Since I’m on Lindy, my laptop, I have a few of my journal entries before I got this.  How about a sample of some poetry from my “Deep Thoughts”?  Here it goes:

>> WARNING:  The following poem was written on January 1, 2003, deep in the midst of my Abby Crush.  It does NOT reflect my current attitude. <<

Frustrated! (a poem)


Everywhere I go, the couples are there

All the time, mocking me

“Look at us!” they yell

“We’re having fun!”


In vain, I look around,

Hoping for some glimmer

Of Like within a girl


But all of my searching is fruitless

No girl can be found

Who sees anything more

Than a boy who can never be

More than a friend


I need to be held

I need to be loved

I need affirmation

My love language is words

And I have lived too long without them


All I really want is to know people care

That somewhere, someone



Like me

Sad, huh?  But as I said, I don’t feel this bad anymore.   I just thought that I’d share.


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