So, today was another day of work.  Jonathan Crandall and I tore apart set pieces on the gym stage to build our own set.  Then I went to work in the library lab, where my brain turned to jelly from boredom.  I need to figure out how to get WarCraft 3 off of my student profile so that I can log in up there…  But don’t let anyone tell you working in the liblab is fun.  The correct description is “mind-numbing.”

After my brain rebooted, Jonathan and I continued to edit the new Truckload commercial.  We’ve just got to change the time and see if Mark has any suggestions, but other than that, it’s done.

I went down to the snack bar after I got done to visit the fam.  It’s still weird seeing my family playing with my friends.  It’s like my friends are actually there and my family is just matted on the back, like a bluescreen effect.  Someday I’ll get over it, but until then, I remain creeped out.  My parents belong up on Old Orchard, not gallavanting around with my friends.   I tease, honestly.

We had our Junior Council meeting, then I went off campus with Allie.  Now, I once asked God that the next girl He put in my life to be independant and unpredictable.  Allie is so independant, she sometimes ends up not talking to me for days (like the last few), but when we get together, she’s completely random and unpredictable.  Almost too much.  *NOTE: Allie and I aren’t dating, and she’s not planning to have a boyfriend for some time.  We do, however, go out on “dates”, I guess…*  Anyway, we ended up at Wal*Mart, and we were hurrying through cause it was almost curfew, but then I looked at my watch; she hadn’t changed the clock in her car, so we actually had another hour to shop.  Funny.

Costume Extravaganza III is Friday, and I’m completely not ready.  My outfit is (thanks to Mom’s shopping techniques), but as for food, games, decorations, and mental preparation, I couldn’t be further from ready.  Hopefully Allie and I get our games together (litterally and figuratively), cause I just realized how much is riding on this.  If I’m “lord and master” of this thing (as I so elequently stated to Jared) and it stinks, I stink.  No pressure man, no pressure…


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