So, I was really stressed out today.  Before this morning, my biggest concern was getting the commercial shown.  After it was shown, I had a few seconds of relief, then the rest of the world came crashing down.  Costume Extravaganza III is tomorrow, and I still wasn’t ready.  And I had a biology test, but let’s not talk about that.

I went out with the Korffs, and I got plates and cups, and hot dogs and buns.  Later, Allie, Some Freshmen, and I went out and got pumpkins, drinks, and some decorations.  So, after spending more than I was allotted, we’re done.  Mostly.  I still have to get the grill up there, and maybe some hay bales.  We’ll be OK though.

On the lighter side of the news, I picked up my Matrix Revolutions tickets today.  I also bought this poster:

It’s my favorite Matrix character(s) Agent Smiths (or is it Agents Smith?).  Anyway, since the movie is released next Wednesday, we’re waiting ’til next Saturday to see them.  4:10 pm, Regal Cinemas – Knoxville Center, if you’d care to join us.


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  1. Anonymous

    I might have to go with you on that one Drew… that movie is gonna rock my face off.  Why are you waiting that late to go see it?

  2. Cause it’s a school week, so on Wednesday, we’d miss chapel (and have to pay like $9.50, fandango price).  I also had to plan around 4 peoples schedules, and Saturday afternoon was the soonest and cheapest we could get.

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