Truckload of Success

Well, tonight was Truckload of Men.  When all of the men first arrived up in the Chapel, we were afraid.  Although we had moved it to 8:30, all of the signs said 8, and at 8:15 there were maybe a dozen other people in there.  We went outside to prepare for our parade down the aisle, and just as we were complaining about the lack of people, literally 20 people walked up the hill.  Several more came, and by the time we did our little turn on the catwalk, we had a good number of people there.

The auctioning went well.  Mac and Erin had a battle for me, with Mac winning me for a then-record $18   (I was the fourth person out there).  After Mac won me, we set up our schedule of slave duties at the pool.  I went back in order to see my roommate sold (to Brian Chadwick).  Alan Gallivan auctioned himself off, with a battle going on between his girlfriend and at least 3 other people who wanted to make her mad.  She ended up paying $23 for him, and when he ran down to give her a kiss on the cheek, she whispered something in his ear.  Alan looked dissappointed as he reached in his wallet and handed her cash.

I missed the two big sells though.  Our Mystery Slave, Professor John G. Rumple (in absentia), apparently got a good $41.  But the winner, by far, was the last slave.  I wasn’t there, but I heard that two women just held their bidder cards up for Shaun Balch until the price hit $100.   One hundred dollars.


Overall, we made $562 for the Senior Banquet.  Excellent work, boys.  Thanks for participating.


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