Cause I’m a wishful thinker with the worst intentions
This’ll be last chance you get to drop my name “

Smoothy’s lock-in rocked face.  At first, he told us that 50 unsaved kids would be there.  The next time we talked to him in the car, he told us 100 kids were coming.  We get there and he says that 200 kids were coming, we’d better be ready!  We had nowhere near that many, but an impressive number nonetheless.  We played 12-player Halo, sang songs (including a performance by Smoothy and the Hoo Hoo Smashers!), tried to have a campfire, then had a serious time.  I honestly think some good was done there.

We came back early this afternoon, and I lounged around till Allie and I left for East Town (Knoxville Center) to see The Matrix Revolutions with Tim and Erin.  I suppose I’ll write a review of the film and post it in the “Reviews” section of the site.

I really have nothing interesting to say.  Nothing is different between Allie and I, at least on her side.  She still doesn’t want a boyfriend, and still denies that she has any interest in me.  She’s still really nice and almost flirty with me, then bashes me down.  As I was telling my stepmom in an email, “I’ve never so much wanted to kiss a girl one second, and slit her throat the next.”  

Oh well, enough about my life.


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  1. Anonymous

    I totally know the feeling, Drew.  You have my sypathies.  It’s like taking cherry-flavored cyanide.  Yummy yet destructive.

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