Different tone, different entry.

It’s so nice to get like, all the work done for the rest of the semester.  Not like I get stressed about things till they come up and bite me in the rear (i.e. the Rumple paper).  I did get the Rumple paper turned in on time.  But that’s about all I had going for it.  But Rumple kept his word.  Unless you were literally passed out like Leslie Plourd, papers turned in even five minutes after 4 p.m. were rejected.  Glad I turned it in before Spanish…

So, how about I tell you about my Miller-Scott date?  OK, I will.  Her name is Christy Apple and we’re in Intro to Radio Broadcasting together (and she was in my Scriptwriting class last year, I believe).  She is Josh Kelley’s (who is Bob Martin’s grandson) wife’s sister.  She lives up in Bell (cause she’s got to cook her own food for some reason or another), which explains why none of you probably know her.  So after the mandatory asking-Abby-to-Miller-Scott-just-to-get-rejected, I was nearly planning on going to the Miller-Scott sans date.  But I got wind from Mac that Christy had caught my drift a few weeks ago when I nearly asked her to it but backed down.  So I decided to ask her the next class, making the mistake of telling Dad.  He saw her before I did, and asked her if I had asked her yet. *smacks head*  Gee, thanks for ruining the element of surprise, Dad.  So, in class, I didn’t say anything to her until it was over, but I think she caught that I wanted to talk to her from looks I was giving her because she waited around for me after class while I was talking to Mark.  I started off by saying, “So, I’m sorry I didn’t ask you earlier” and she said “Oh, that’s alright.”  She knew what was going on.

So after work today, I’ve got to head back down to the room, take a shower, get snazzed up, walk back up to Bell, get Christy and walk her to the gym.  Silly formal dinner.  I get so worked up about it, even though nothing will come from any of it.  Unless, of course, something does.   We shall see…


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