So, I don’t know why I get so worked up about open dorms.  I mean, the girls’ open dorm is fun, I get to walk around and see all their rooms and stuff.  But when our dorm is open, I clean the room for an hour or more, just to sit in my clean room and let the smallest number of people visit.  I had a meeting the first hour, but here’s the tally of who showed up between 8 and 10:


My family

Erin Berger and Desiree Johnson

Adrianne Beason and Cerena Humphries (poked heads in)

Becky Hunt and Michelle Byrd (poked heads in)

Danielle Griner


That’s it.  But Tim said that more people had shown up in the first hour, even though our door was closed.  Still, that’s disappointing.  I guess I know where most of my other girl friends were, since they all have boyfriends.  But still, I always visited around the girls’ dorm when I had a girlfriend.  So what if we had a fight because I wanted to visit other people and she was jealous and we got mad at each other and stormed off!  I still stuck to my promise to visit my friends.




7 thoughts on “

  1. Andrew, I came to your room and you weren’t there and then we started watching Star Wars 3 and we had to fastforward it to get to the end by curfew…  I did show tho and I’m not a punk

  2. 4.  She meant A New Hope.  It’s 3 from her point of view because she has lead a crappy life up to this point.
    And you’re still punks because I put that I would be back by 8 on my door, and darn it, I was. 

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