Mom got me a MiniDisc player for Christmas!  Check it out!



And it came with this carrying case which I probably won’t use because you have to strap it to your arm.



But, it’s that the coolest thing ever?!  Now I’m in the loop with the ultimate in portable music entertainment!  I feel so excited, I feel so elated!  I feel so excited, I feel so elated!


In other news, my Pauline Lit final is tomorrow.  Ick.


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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe I only THINK I win…maybe what I consider winning isn’t actually winning at all; it’s just a sad pathetic attempt at making myself feel better about losing in the long run.  Who knows?  But last night it FELT like I was winning…SO I WIN. 
    Maybe you should lower your standards of winning-hood.  Then you could win all the time.  Ex:  “She didn’t turn away in disgust when I talked to her–I WIN!!!”  See?  That’s what I do and I WiN ALL THE TIME!!!

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