What is it about going to Pizza Hut with the Korffs?  It seems that the last two times I went to Pizza Hut with them, we’ve gotten a waitress who flirts with me.  No, its not my imagination cause Jesci sees it too.  I’m not sure its the same waitress, but it might be.  Anyway, her name is Beth, and let me tell you the story.


We go in there, and I’m half-hoping that the waitress will flirt with me, just to establish a pattern, you know.  And then she actually starts flirting with me.  The way she asked me if I needed anything.  The looks I got as she walked off.  It became really obvious when I “accidently” got a double order of cinnamon sticks instead of my single order.  I really wasn’t all that hungry, so I later asked for a box, and she said “no”, teasing.  After we got our change, I asked for another icing thing, and she said “no” again.  She comes back with it and as she’s handing it to me, she says “That’ll be $5”.  I told her “I actually have $5, but you’re not getting it.”  So she tried to grab the icing back!  I managed to keep a hold of it, so she just grabbed my box of cinnamon sticks!


I kept telling the Korffs that I was going to ask for her number, but Jesci convinced me that I should talk to DJ first, cause he works there with her.  Get the scoop first, you know?  So I didn’t ask her.  Not only because of that, also cause I was scared to death.  But that’s not the point. 


Sherri says that apparently many of the employees at the Pizza Hut have sordid pasts, but hey, who doesn’t?  I’ll get the full scoop about Beth from DJ maybe even tonight before he leaves.  The Korffs actually think I’m destined to marry a Pizza Hut waitress.  I’m beginning to see what they mean.  I grew up with my dad working at Pizza Hut.  It’s a part of who I am.


Well, we’ll see where this goes.  Probably nowhere.  But still, her flirting was the best thing that happened to me since…  well, since Return of the King two days ago.  What can I say, that movie changed my life.


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  1. Aahhh…Beth.  Very sweet girl.  And wonderful personality.  Likes to flirt to get big tips.  Not a Christian.  Not much else to say.  Sorry to rain on your parade 😦

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