Today was great.  I got up and drove to Chapel Rock, which is on the opposite side of Indianapolis than I live.  I feel the need to go there because that’s where my friends go.  And they give me $1200 a semester to go to JBC.  Whichever.  Anyway, we had our college age Sunday school class before the service.  You know, I wonder if anyone participates when Kelly Harris and I aren’t around, cause we seem to be the only ones ever offering answers or anything.  Oh well.

Service was huge, as it tends to be at Chapel Rock.  The sanctuary was full for second service, which means there was at least 1200 people there, if not more.  And not only was service huge by number standpoint, but it was huge, as in production-wise.  There was a huge Bethlehem set on stage, and the entire choir was dressed as Israelites, wandering around before the service, selling and begging and such.  They milled about on stage till their musical number, when the three wise men came to visit the toddler jesus in the house he was staying in (read your Bible, they didn’t go to the manger).  Fred Rodkey gave an awesome sermon, without podium or notes, as is his custom.

After the service, I picked my exgirlfriend/friend Krystle up from the nursery (no, she’s not a baby, she was working in there).  From church, we went to McDonald’s, where we spent the next few hours talking.  You see, she just had her boyfriend break up with her a few weeks ago.  Her boyfriend of two and a half years.  They were close in every way, then he decided that he didn’t know if he was ready for something this serious, so he backed out.  The last few weeks have been really hard on both of them.  I think that they’re meant for each other, and here’s my reasoning: Krystle and I argue all of the time.  We just don’t feel complete unless we argue.  Krystle and her ex?  Never fought.  Not once.  I think that this is a feat, a sign that only God can make happen, cause it sure doesn’t work for her and I.   Seriously though, I love her, and she will truly only be happy with this guy, so I pray he realizes that he needs to get over his fear and just get back with the girl before her heart explodes.

In order to lighten the mood, we went to the movies and saw Cat in the Hat.  Quite a funny movie, though a bit risque for the young ones.  Too many almost-curse words for my little brothers.  I tried to get Krystle to see Return of the King, but she doesn’t want to see it till her birthday when she goes with her friend.  I felt almost sacreligious going to see another film, and was quite vocal about it to Krystle till we got in the theater.  Cat was entertaining, but man, was it short!  Well, maybe it was just that I was comparing it to the last time I was in the theater this week…

Well, that’s about all for today.  Hope you all enjoy the slices of life you get here with me.  Until next time.


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  1. Wow, Drew, sounds like you’ve had a great time so far.  I’m glad I can keep up with your ramblings whilest you’re in Indy.  Give Krystle a hug from me

  2. What is it with Media people and the phrase, “slice of life”?
    Don’t worry Krystal, don’t listen to anything Drew says!  Maybe the only thing that can fix this relationship is a good fight.  You never truly know someone until you’ve faced them in battle!  (quote from some matrix movie thing)
    Buh bye!

  3. Ken: I’m sure you are.
    Mom: I will.
    Jared: Your daughters will die if they go anywhere near Uncle Tim.
    Mac: It’s KrystLE, but a good quote.
    Adam: His name is Seraph.
    I love you all, I really do.

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