I just noticed that it says that I am the “Ringleader” of the JBC Kids BlogRing.  And it feels like it too.  Like a crazy circus.  A 43 ring circus.  Yes, only a dozen or so of us actually update, but its the potential for mass hysteria that gets to me.

Anyway, back to my life.  Today, I did bake cookies.  All afternoon, I baked cookies.  Now, I don’t think Deb has ever had dry measuring cups.  She just uses liquid measuring cups.  For everything.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, its just not my style.  So before I made too many cookies, I went to Marsh and bought her some dry measuring scoops complete with teaspoons hooked to the handles.  I enjoyed buying her her first set of measuring cups.  Merry Christmas to Deb.

There are so many presents sitting on our washing machine.  And a surprising number are for me, judging by how many times Deb yells at me to stay out of the living room, and how many times I have been left behind so they could shop.  All I asked for was Knights of the Old Republic, blank MiniDiscs, and Final Fantasy Tactics.  Now, I know that I have Knights, as much as they deny it.  I can tell the size, shape, and weight of that game box, no matter how well you try to squeeze it into one of those clothes gift boxes.  I’m not sure about the other things, cause I get yelled at whenever I get near any of the other gifts.  Oh well, just a couple more days.

Tomorrow: I’ll do some laundry, then party at our friend Sue’s!


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  1. Stewart!
    =) Tactics rocks. I just saw RotK again, and we’ve been playing nickel-dime-quarter poker, skiing, chilling out, watching movies, playing this new RTS/FPS game Savage (you won’t believe it till I show you, its crazy) getting new computers, buying people stuff, the works.
    Donnie Darko is a crazy movie. =)

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