I have come to a conclusion: I will never be involved in a successful New Year’s party.

After the interesting (to say the least) debauchule that was New Years 2002, I merely went over to Mel Keers’ for 2003.  2004, I tried the party thing again.  This time, with other people actually planning, it had to work, right?  Well, not when you call the guests New Year’s Eve Day. 

Anyway, we had 5 people total at Rachel’s apartment for our party.  Rachel, her friend Gretchen, their friends Brandon and Charlie, and myself.  Let’s do some math here…  2 girls, 2 guys, and Drew.  Guess who was left out of the coupling the entire night?   Well, besides the fact that Drew got no action at midnight, it was really fun.  We did some kareoke, and when I say “we”, I mean Rachel and I because no one else was as cool as us.   We watched movies, and layed on Rachel’s roommates new waterbed.  All in all, a good time.

I drove back to Indy this afternoon, and shortly after I came back, Dad and Deb’s computer returned with a new motherboard.  So, all is well back here in the Stewart house.

All I really plan on doing now is calling the Korffs tomorrow, and I’ll more than likely spend the night at the Korff Klan House Saturday night, go to Siloh Christian Church on Sunday, then head back to The Holy Campus to spend the last week of break with Mom and Ty (and Erin Berger? ).

Until next time, keep your chin up.  It’s a new year, and a new lease on life.


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  1. So, think you’ll ever get around to calling Tyson dad? I probably won’t ever be calling the guy my mom is with dad, although it’s really hard. His name is Dan, and whenever I say “mom and Dan” sometimes I want to say “mom and dad” for continuity’s sake. It kind of bothers me. =)
    But Tyson’s cool, he’s worthy of the name. =) What do Skyler and Biscuit call him?

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