Jimmy eat world, I forgot to talk about Chicago, didn’t I?

Chicago was a nice town, but much nicer because we went with some youth group that was staying at Rachel’s church.  Mostly because they paid Rachel and I’s way for everything, which meant that we didn’t have to be overcharged for the Museum of Science and Industry or be overcharged to go to the top of the Sears Tower.  Actually, they were nice places, just not worth $10 a pop.  And with 15 people in our group, the money was shelled out in abundance.  Let alone parking and tolls…  Thanks Floridian Youth Group, wherever you are.

Back to current events: there are none really.  After Dad and Deb get back from looking at Christmas lights downtown (yes, it took them that long to get down there to see them), we’re going to cook some pizza rolls and watch S.W.A.T.  The Korffs are coming to get me tomorrow afternoon, and we’re going to Jean and John Bell’s church on Sunday, not Siloh.  Which is better for me, cause I’ll get to be one of the few to have seen the Bell baby (too sad for you).

I’m assuming I won’t write tomorrow, so the next entry you get will be Sunday from Indy III.24 in Mom’s living room, with Erin Berger by my side!

See you there!


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