Erin goes to bed too early.  Check out her site if you want to read how awesome I am.


So, I got up today after sleeping in the top bunk of my little brothers’ bed, with cats on my pillow for most of the night.  I took a shower and went down to the Korffs’ and went with them to drop Sherri off at the airport.  We tried to calm her down the whole way there, as it was her first flight.  I believe it worked, cause she got down to FL and her beau.


Erin got home from school early today, so we went out to McKay’s cause we were bored.  We were bored there, until we saw Steve Politte.  Then he left and we were bored again.  So we came home.


I installed and played Knights of the Old Republic today.  It’s a really great game so far.  Mostly, I love how well it runs on my computer.


Tonight, Andy Benedict made lasagna and him, me, Erin, and John and Bekah Richardson went to the Korffs’ for dinner.  We started watching a couple movies, but ended up not watching anything.  We all went over to the Richardsons’ trailer (which is very nice) for a bit.  Eventually, Andy knighted me.  *shrug*  I felt left out, everyone else had been knighted, it was my turn.


After my knighthood and Erin’s promotion by Andy, we came back to the house and chatted, I on Indy III.24 and Erin on Indy 2.3.  She went to bed and I continue to remain awake, and plan on doing so for some time.


Until next time, crime stoppers.


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