Priest showed us this great, rare Ben Folds song with spoken lyrics by the immortal William Shatner.  He was inspired, so Priest, Tim, and I are hoping to perform it at coffeehouse.  I will be reading the part of William Shatner, in his stilted style that is parodied so much.


Just imagine this being read completely out of rhythm with some nice piano and violin music:


In Love
by Ben Folds

I remember
The night we met
That night we sat
Under summer skies
I looked into your eyes
You looked into mine
You said “you’re not like the rest”
And I nodded
“No one understands me”
you said
And I nodded once again,
As if to agree that all men are indeed the same
Somehow, you said, I was different

For months on end I maintained
A venere of sincere interest
As if I were listening
As you re-lived every page
Of self help and new age that you had read
I went in for the kill
I’d read the same books
I learned to ape the motions of a ‘sensitive’ human being
And we were ‘oh so happy’
But you found things to fix
And I knew it was time
To move on

So now you have me completely figured out
You feel sorry for me
I can’t express my feelings
I can’t tell the truth
We are all alike
At puberty I was sworn to secrecy
By the international brotherhood
Of lying fickle males
I can’t tell you anything
I can’t commit
You’re right
I can’t commit… to you

I will always cherish our time together
I don’t feel enough of anything
To harbor the kind of distain that you’ll maintain
You painted me into what you wanted to see
And that’s fine
But you will never know me

Sad, isn’t it?  Just wait till you hear it. 


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