Haven’t written for a few days.  I just know that I’m never going to be able to top that last post, so I haven’t even bothered to try.


Krystle and I are doing well.  It’s hard having a long distance relationship, but I think that it has it’s good and bad sides.  One of the good sides is that our relationship isn’t based on the physical side, which is what Julie and I’s relationship boiled down to.  But one of the bad sides is that there’s no physical side at all.  I can’t give her a hug, or hold her hand.  I see all the couples on campus and their PDA, and I wish that I could share that with my girlfriend, but I can’t.


I’ve been chatting with her mom a lot recently.  She’s been giving me pointers and encouragement.  Which is weird to get from your girlfriend’s mom.  But this is a weird situation, since her mom has been dreaming about this for 10 years.  I love how Krystle’s mom is trying to make plans to get Krystle down here for her spring break.  Imagine your girlfriend’s mom going (literally) out of her way so that you could be with your girlfriend.  Makes a guy feel good.


So, if things go as planned, you might be able to meet Krystle March 13th.


I can’t wait.


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  1. Hey, you make me sound real anxious to get you two together! Don’t forget, I’ll be visiting my aunt, just an hour away, and I get to visit my dear friend, your mom! I just want my girl to be happy and you are making her happy!  momma z

  2. Drew, Bill said he’s printed out those entries of yours and locking them up in a safe place.  Proof that you actually said it, just in case……..  I didn’t even know he knew about them…. you’d better watch what you say!  hehe

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