I went to the radio station around 7:45 in preparation for Date Night, nervous as I’ve ever been.  Scott Struck was there, and he helped me start up.  Jesci came in to visit, so I let her talk some.  Then Zach came up and I let him talk.  Then it hit me: have them stay the whole time.  And I could do this every week!  A different couple every week, to tell their story and whats on their mind.  Mom and Ty already volunteered for a week, but I’m taking applications for the rest of them!  If you would like to be the Special Guest Couple on Date Night, let me know!  (Single people also invited, I just need cohosts).


Anyway, the show went great, thanks to the Korffs.  We talked about Star Wars and Disney, Ninja Turtles and dating books.  I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of our listeners: Mom, Ty, Skyler, Briscoe, Ken, Johnny, Joyful, and a new student named Mike Smith.  Thanks for tuning in!


Next week: a new couple, new rants, new bed music, and possibly some crazy sound effects.  We shall see what I can do…


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  1. Talked to Ty last night during your show.  He said you were doing a great job. Congrats on your first show!  You’ll do great!  Too bad we can’t listen here in Indy!

  2. Actually Bean, I was thinking about just having a long distance night some night, with you and Nick Geisert and others if we could find them.  We wouldn’t necessarily need the girls, but if Kathy’s willing to be on the phone for four hours, she can.

  3. Sorry drew….i had to go on the air at  theriver and my comment is quite horribly typed…what i meant to say is that zack and jesci have there own thing goin on monday nights…and they have been on my show a number of times last semester…but do what u will….u are the champion

  4. Jared, what part of “A different couple every week” didn’t you understand?  The Korffs had their run.
    Thanks Cassandra (of “Cassandra and Shaun”), I’ll be sure to let you know when I’d like you on.

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