^ I don’t know why I’m listening to that.  I just am. ^

So, I spent Valentine’s Day with Lee (who’s girl was checking out a church), Priest (who broke up with his girl weeks ago, I found out that night), and Jared.  We went out to Cancun’s, then rented Beverly Hills Cop I and III.  I called Krystle a few times throughout the day, but nothing too major.

Well, today’s our three week anniversary.   It’s weird how time can be so long and short at the same time.  Of course, we started this relationship somewhere in the middle.  But in order to know where to go from here, we have to know where “here” is, so we’re currently working it out.

Here’s a picture of Krystle from last summer.  It’s all I’ve got on the server at the moment.

She’s so cute.   I’ll get some more pictures of her up later.  And eventually, I’ll compile my list of Top Movies.  It’s currently partly on the laptop, partly on the desktop, and I happen to be in the lab with neither.

This post is dedicated to Sprint PCS, without whom I would be unable to carry on this long distance relationship.  Thank you, Creepy Monotone Sprint Guy, for building the first all-digital nation-wide network.  You rock.


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