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I *heart* the mid-90’s
By Brian Chadwick

Well, it’s over.  I really thought this was it.  That I was done searching.  But here I am, exactly one month after dedicating the largest post I’ve ever done to her, dedicating another post to Krystle Zych.

I hadn’t talked to her since Sunday afternoon, and today it really hit me that we should probably talk.  You know, to have some semblance of a relationship.  But I was scared.  I didn’t know why, but I just felt like something was going to go wrong, and that I should just put it off.  I did for as long as I could, but then I called her as she was leaving work.  She hadn’t left yet, so she said she’d call on her way back.  She didn’t, so I had to wait till I got back from the evening Homecoming session to call her.  And even then, I put it off till I could stand it no longer.

I was right to fear.

She hadn’t called because she didn’t have time.  I mean, not like she didn’t make time for me, she literally did not have time to talk to me.  Going to school full time and working full time is taking its toll on her, emotionally and physically.  She’s lost weight in the last few months, and she passed out at work today.  She hasn’t been able to get her homework done, let alone make time for me.  I asked her what we should do, and she said that we should just be friends.  Again.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her for anything.  It’s just that I figured that after these couple years here on campus without any luck with girls, then her coming back to me after all these years, that maybe this would be it.  You know, God had given me what He wanted after all this time.  There was really no other way to explain us getting back together.  But it didn’t work out, again.

I really do love Krystle.  Maybe if things had been different, if our relationship never had to have been long distance, we might have worked out.  But we didn’t.

This post is dedicated to Krystle Zych.  Pray for her.


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  1. I’m OK, really.  Not talking to her for days kind of helped me prepare for something like this.  It’s still tough, just not as bad as it could have been.  Besides, she really doesn’t need me to be more of a stress on her.  It’s for her own good.  And that’s what love is.
    I’ve always defined love as caring about someone enough that you would do anything for them to be happy.  I guess Krystle really isn’t all that happy, but she sure is less stressed.

  2. And this doesn’t mean she still isn’t the one for you.  Time and space may be just what she needs right now.  You may be just what she needs next week; next month; or next year…forever.
    The Lord knows.  Keep praying.  I love you!

  3. Aww..  I love ya drewsifer!!!  Hang in there buddy, you are an awesome catch, I cant wait to see the wonderful kind of woman you get to love and be with forever!!  Your relationship with someone cant be truly for you, unless its like a movie romance.  When it hits, it will hit hard and fast!!  Haha, later babe!!

  4. Drew….I hope you know that this was not an easy decision for Krystle.  I agree with your mom… maybe it’s not meant to be now, but maybe later.  Only God knows.  You are very dear to all of us, especially Krystle.  You two have always had a special relationship, a little strange at times, but always special.
    Love ya always!

  5. Anonymous

    hang in there drew! maybe this TIME wasn’t right, but once things settle down for her, it will work out for you two agian!!  don’t fret too much God is in control.

  6. Anonymous

    drubarry, anytime you need to hear an espanol song of hope let me know…of course that would mean me singing it, so you might want to ask someone else to do the singing. but for you, drubarry….anything.

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