Drew’s List of Favorite Movies

(Besides Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Matrix)



This is the funniest movie made by the hands of modern men.  The joke-a-minute format was truly pioneered by this movie.  I love movies where completely ridiculous things are being said and done and all of the characters manage to keep a straight face the whole time.

“Surely you can’t be serious.”
“Yes I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”


Airplane 2: The Sequel

This movie catches a lot of flack for sharing a lot of the same jokes from the first one, but since I grew up with both movies, I tend to look at The Sequel as a continuation of the same movie.  Mostly because I think of a line and misattribute it to the wrong movie.  Either way, both are hilarious.

“Ted, I have the strangest feeling we’ve been through this exact same thing before.”


Ocean’s 11

I tend to forget that the actors were actually paid to do this movie.  This movie is just so much fun and it shows in every scene.  The all-star cast have so much fun with the plot and one-liners that you can’t help but have fun with them.  Besides, the soundtrack makes you want to join them in Vegas and dance the night away.

“Ten oughta do it, don’t you think? Do you think we need one more? You think we need one more? Alright, we’ll get one more.”


Back to the Future

Classic 80’s time-travel movie.  Let me explain, I love time travel if it’s done well.  This movie manages to define my theory of it and be entertaining.  The plot of going back in time and running into your parents was a stroke of genius, and it’s amazing how well the movie did.  Too bad it never revitalized the DeLorean Motor Company…

“Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?”
“The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”


Back to the Future Part II

The sequel to Back to the Future picks up right where the first left off.  This time, it’s off to the future, and back to the past to make the present right again.  This is my favorite movie of the trilogy, I suppose because they end up going all over time to fix one simple mistake.  It just goes to show how dangerous time travel can be.

“The time-traveling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!”


Back to the Future Part III

Although this is my least favorite entry into the trilogy, it is still a good movie.  Stuck in the Old West, they have to get back to the present before their time comes to a bad end.  I love the soundtrack to this movie, especially the train sequence.

“The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”



Another classic 80’s movie.  I really don’t know what to say about it.  Busting ghosts was and still is a great plot, especially watching them trying to get on their feet.  There are so many good lines, its hard to believe they all come from one movie. 

“What are you supposed to be, some kind of a cosmonaut?”
“No, we’re exterminators.  Someone saw a cockroach up on twelfth.”
“Must be some cockroach.”
“Bite your head off, man.”


Ghostbusters 2

Yeah, it might not be as good as the first, but I find it to be just as classic.  Using the Statue of Liberty to stop an evil Carpathian from taking over New York City on New Year’s Eve isn’t a plot you see too often though, so it deserves major props for that.

“You mean you never even had a Slinky?”
“We had part of a Slinky. But I straightened it.”


Jurassic Park

Stephen Spielberg’s dinosaur disaster film proved to be so much more.  It became one of the best special effects-driven movies of all time, even though computer generation was still in it’s infancy (did you know that they originally wanted to use stop-motion for the dinosaurs?).  A great ensemble cast makes this movie more than just another disaster flick.

“Clever girl.”



One of the best films ever.  Even compared to Jurassic Park, this movie is the best disaster flick made.  This ensemble cast plays off of each other extremely well.  The shark does look fake and the model didn’t work half of the time, but that’s what makes this movie so good.  You don’t see the shark until you absolutely have to.  Spielberg uses his underwater camera angle and John Williams’ soundtrack to represent the shark for the first hour or more.  Unseen evil is always better than obviously fake evil seen the whole time.  Quint’s Indianapolis speech is one of the most dramatic speeches I’ve heard.

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

After the coma-inducing Motion Picture, Star Trek needed a boost to survive.  If this movie failed, the franchise would never have continued.  Thankfully, this movie manages to reintroduce a villain from the series and make him the perfect counterpoint to Captain Kirk.  The blinded battle in the nebula is one of my favorite battle sequences in science fiction.  It calls back the submarine warfare of World War II.  This movie started the “even=good, odd=bad” theory of Star Trek movies that continued till the end.

“Our shields are lowering.”
“Raise them!”
“I can’t!”


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Another time travel movie makes the list, this time it’s all about saving the whales.  Yeah, it sounds pretty tree-huggy, but the crew’s attempts to blend in with 80’s society makes this my favorite Star Trek movie.  Spock’s “colorful metaphors” are hilarious, and Scotty trying to use an ancient Macintosh is just a classic scene.

“Everyone, remember where we parked.”


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Once again, Star Trek needed saving.  Star Trek V was one of the worst films ever.  This film can be used as a social commentary on the time.  The Federation/Klingon peace talks parallel the US/Russian Cold War that was a major issue at the time of the movies release.  Star Trek VI also manages to include a mystery story and a great battle against unseen foes.  This was the last movie focused on the original crew, and was a fitting end.

“There is an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China.”


Star Trek: First Contact

The first movie to only include the Next Generation cast, First Contact has exactly what it needs to make this list: time travel and awesome battles.  The Enterprise-E travels back to the past (to them) and the Borg follow.  Battles rage on the ship and in people’s minds, while the crew is trying to help out with the historic first flight of the first warp ship.  A lot of this movie is tongue-in-cheek without being too ridiculous.

“Timeline? This is no time to talk about time. We don’t have the time!… What was I saying?”


Star Trek: Nemesis

This was the Next Generation’s final journey, and perhaps the last journey of Star Trek movies in general.  This movie has parallels with Wrath of Khan, but the only person that can be a true threat to Captain Picard is himself.  Namely, his clone.  The space battle sequences in this movie manage to combine the best parts of my favorite battles in II and VI with some of today’s best special effects.  Nemesis is a story about coming to terms with change, and how sometimes it’s required to let go of your friends.  It’s not my favorite Star Trek, but it’s getting close.

“I’m a mirror for you as well.”
“Not for long. I’m afraid you won’t survive to witness the victory of the echo over the voice.”


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This movie is tons of fun.  Johnny Depp truly does give an Oscar-worthy performance, and the plot and special effects go hand-in-hand, a pleasant surprise for recent movies that tend to focus too much on one or the other.  You’ve seen it, I don’t need to tell you why it’s one of my favorites.

“I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.”


The Emperor’s New Groove

This is the only animated movie to make the list (mostly because Zach and I traded off so that you wouldn’t get two huge posts from each of us saying the same things about most of the same movies).  I don’t really care for David Spade, but he is perfect as Emperor Kuzco, the arrogant leader turned into a llama.  The reason I like this movie so much is that it nearly borders becoming a joke-a-minute comedy at times.  It’s just so completely ridiculous.

“Yay! I’m a llama again! Wait a minute…”



One of the rare movies based on a board game.  How could this movie be good, you ask?  Two words: Tim Curry.  This man makes movies masterpieces.  The movie has so many alternate endings, you can basically choose which ending you want based on who you want to be the murderer.  Apparently when it was released there was a different ending to every print, so if you happened to see it on a different screen, you got a different ending, prompting endless debate as to the real ending.

“See? Like the Mounties, we always get our man.”
“Mrs. Peacock was a man?”


Muppet Treasure Island

I love all of the Muppet movies, but there’s only room for one on this list.  Why this one?  The Tim Curry Factor.  That’s right, he plays Long John Silver, making this movie a cut above the other Muppet movies, where they depended on multiple cameos.  They only need one when that cameo is Tim Curry.

“Beware lad, beware.”
“What, the one-legged man?”
“Aye, but also, beware running with scissors or any other pointy object. It’s all good fun, until someone loses an eye!”


Batman Returns

I wrote this one down, but couldn’t really remember why I think it’s so good.  Then I realized something: the Christopher Walken Factor.  It’s closely related to the Tim Curry Factor, but makes the movie even better than TTCF.  The best Saturday Night Live host also makes the best non-super villain in the Batman series.

“Bruce Wayne? Why are you dressed like Batman?”
“Because he is Batman, you moron.”


X2: X-Men United

I really don’t care for comic book adaptations all that much, but X2 blew me away.  It’s rare when sequels are better than the original, but this is one of them.  Every character manages to get developed, no matter how many heroes or villains they introduce.  And Nightcrawler rocks.

“You picked the wrong house, bub.”


Wayne’s World

Saturday Night Live brought us many reoccurring skits, and Wayne’s World was one of them.  Eventually, they decided to make a movie, and unlike all the other attempts, Wayne’s World actually made a good movie.  It’s silly without going too far, and is just funny in general.

“It’s sucking my will to live!”


Wayne’s World 2

I find this movie just as funny as, if not funnier than, the first.  Wayne and Garth are just as good, but Ralph Brown (Ric Olie from The Phantom Menace) is stinking hilarious as the old British roadie.  The real drawing point is, once again, The Christopher Walken Factor.  That’s right, he’s the villain in this movie too.  He’s just too cool for words.

“How can you sleep like that?”
“Listen, sonny Jim. Sleeping like this will add ten years to your life. I learned it from Keith Richards when I toured with the Stones. This may be the reason why Keith cannot be killed by conventional weapons.”


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze

This movie was the fulfillment of my childhood.  It’s more lighthearted than the first movie, and closer to the cartoon I loved so well.  Evil villains, huge fights, hilarious lines, and Vanilla Ice…  Who could ask for anything more?

  “The perimeter’s quiet.”
“Yeah, a little too quiet.”
“Well, that was easy!”
“Yeah, a little too easy.”
“Look! It’s Raph!”
“Yeah, a little too Raph.”



Not sure how I could forget this movie.  James Cameron directs the best Alien movie, where a group of marines fight against an unstoppable force of acid-bleeding, head-biting aliens.  This movie is just good.

“They mostly come out at night.  Mostly.”


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Another James Cameron film, another movie better than the original.  Using some of the first computer generated effects in a major motion picture, they are still quite impressive today.  The plot itself is pretty amazing, and (thankfully) doesn’t require you to see the first one.  Classic lines, classic characters, classic film.

“We’ve got company.”
“How many?”
“Uh, all of them, I think.”



John Woo presents two great actors playing each other playing each other…  Or something like that.  Brilliant casting makes this movie where John Travolta takes Nic Cage’s body, then acts like Travolta acting like Cage, and then Cage gets Travolta’s body and acts the same way, only different.  It has all of the John Woo trademarks, which include: slow-motion, double guns, and doves flying during the climax.  Good movie, with funny scenes, and it even is heartwarming.

“So why don’t we trade back?”
“You can’t give back what you’ve taken from me.”
“OK, then… plan B, why don’t we just kill each other?”


The Jerk

The other day I realized I didn’t have a Steve Martin movie on here, and it so happened that someone saw me writing down the list of movies and said “Hey, you don’t have The Jerk on there.”  So here it is.  Steve Martin’s first film is most likely his best.  He plays a man who really has no clue what’s going on, but lives an exciting life.  Almost like Forrest Gump, but without the cultural references.

“The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need! My name in print! That really makes somebody! Things are going to start happening to me now!”


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  1. What’s thisa top 28 list?  I haven’t seen 7 of these listed, but I appreciate the ones you’ve chosen.  And I totally love your reviews and movie quotes.
    I’ve gotta see The Jerk again…”but that’s all I need; and this paddleball game…and my dog…okay maybe not my dog.”

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