I love my show.  I really do.  Today, I was kind of doubting it.  Lauren said she wouldn’t be able to come but that Allie said she’d fill in for her.  I couldn’t get a hold of Allie, then later I started doing my “research” for the show and couldn’t really find anything.  But then I got a hold of Allie and she came up and I think we put on a great show.  We talked with all the people who came up to visit, and later took some online compatability tests (66%, not bad) and tried one-liners on one another.

I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by tonight: Mac, Marcus, Zach, Jesci, Tim, Erin, Ken, Cassandra, Mom, Dad, Skyler, and Briscoe, with poke-ins from Krazy Kristi, Tabi Renz, and Prince.  Thanks guys!!!

Tune in next week, when Lauren will take her rightful place by my micside!  Allie will be in too, taking her place as “sponsor”, but just as active, I’m sure.  Should be so cool, your brain will freeze!!!


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