So, why are they giving us choices on the packaging for the Original Trilogy DVD Boxed Set?  To make me cry cause I have to choose just one.

“The Final Conflict”

“Jedi vs. Darkside”

“Imperial Collection”


I suppose I’ll have to go with “Final Conflict.”  It’s the most classic.  “Jedi vs. Darkside” is very nice, but I don’t like the prequel CG Yoda with lightsaber used on the side.  “Imperial Collection” looks too haphazard for me, but I like the Star Destroyer flyover thing.

Which one are you going for?


2 thoughts on “

  1. Dude George Lucas is just a genious in sales.  He knows how to con Star Wars freaks into buying the same three movies, which they already own, in a different format – even better he’s gonna get them to but it three times! (because you know there are a lot of people who will do that!)

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