So, this weekend was great.  Saturday the Korffs went with us to Skyler’s last basketball game.  That afternoon, I went to the snack bar with Abby.  Later I played soccer with Allie, Scott Bungard and Allie’s friend Sara.  Then Allie and I took Sara down to the snack bar for Sara’s suprise birthday party (which ended up well).  I came back to the room and watched Super Troopers, which was stinkin hilarious.

Sunday, after I did my laundry, Allie came with my family to Skyler’s basketball award thingie.  Some guy performed and gave his testimony.  He could handle basketballs like no other mortal man.  He was quite impressive.  After the thingie, we hit Gap Creek up for food after their “Fifth Sunday Sing”.  I went and gamed with Tim, Sowder, and Josh.  We ended fairly early, so I went on a walk with Allie.

Today, I worked all day, as usual.  But Junior Council, which normally cuts my night right in half, was cancelled, so I went to hang out with Allie.  She wanted to go find some potting soil and fix her too-big watch, so we were just going to head to Mom’s, but then Allie was like, “You want to go out to a movie or something since you’re free?”  I agreed, so we went up to Mom’s to start the night off.

We couldn’t get the watch adjusted, but we did find potting soil.  Tim had some potting soil last year which he didn’t use, so Mom had taken it during the Great Room Clean.  She used it for their pineapple plant, which had died, so we ended up stealing the potting soil from the poor pineapple corpse under the porch.  Meanwhile, who should be scaling the fence to get back on campus, but Tim and Erin.  So we all hang out at Mom’s for a few minutes, then Allie and I left campus to go to Wal*Mart.

After filling Allie’s truck full of gas, we made it to Wal*Mart.  Our goal at Wal*Mart was double pronged.  Allie was to return a picture frame she paid too much for, and I was going to Jewelry to get her watch adjusted.  Both missions were accomplished, and we moved on to our last set goal of the night.

We went to the dollar store to get a better picture frame for much cheaper.  While we were in there, a cop was taking notes from the cashiers.  From what I gather, someone stole from the dollar store.  The dollar store.

Since it was nearly time for all of the interesting movies to start, we raced across town, but didn’t make it.  Besides, we had seen the interesting movies anyway.  So I drove her truck over to Best Buy.  We go in and wander around to the back, and what should be playing on the demo 50″ Plasma TV?  Attack of the Clones.  We sat and watched the speeder chase, then we moved on.

From Best Buy, we went to Fudruckers.  There we shared a brownie a la mode, and bought silly stuff from the machines by the door.  Then we went across the street to David’s Sporting Goods.  We walked around and eventually bought a soccer ball.  We named it “Breann” (cause it’s a Brine brand ball and we’ve named things we’ve bought in the past).

On our way to the World’s Fair Park to try Breann out, we stopped by “The Whatever Store” on the Strip.  It was one of those hippy places, so we just looked around and then they closed, so we left.

We played soccer and walked around the park.  Then we came back to campus and I let her borrow my Original Trilogy VHSs.

Despite what you may think after reading all this, she just likes having fun.  She still really doesn’t want anything serious, and I’m kind of OK with that.  I can just have fun dates and them not mean anything, right?  Well, I’m learning to, I guess.  I always have the time of my life with Allie, and it’s a shame that it’ll probably never be anything more than as just friends.   Or co-hosts, as the case may be.

And I still don’t know what I feel about Krystle…


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  1. You don’t have to know right now how you feel about Krystle or anyone else.  Krystle is and always will be a forever friend, no matter what.  That’s more important right now, even if your (plural) moms would like to see you two together!  Go out, have fun!  Sounds like Allie will be good for that!!  She seems to know how to have fun!  Wish I had all that energy!.
    ~momma z~

  2. Anonymous

    drew stewart, the greatest mack of all….You’d better do a good job on the senior banquet, or… I’ll KILL YOU!seriously.oh yes, please feel free to make fun of the senior class, we invite it.

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