Today was another great day.   I got up and Allie took me to Gap.  We went to Sunday School, then watched Gracie and Caleo during church.  After lunch, we went downtown to try to go to a cat show.  We looked at the street level part of the convention center, but there was nothing there.  So we checked out the fairgrounds, but there was a sign that said that it was beneath the convention center, so we went and found it down there.  We finally get there, and there’s a $5 charge a piece.  I completely forgot about money, and it turns out that I only had $9 cash.  We had already told the lady that we had been all over town looking for the cat show, and she let us in for $9!  Pretty sweet.  There were many cats there, and it brought back memories for Allie, whose mom used to breed cats.

When we were done looking at kitties, we sat under the bridge at the World’s Fair Park.  We came back to campus and I did my laundry up at Mom’s.  They left for the evening service, so Allie and I just sat on the porch while the laundry washed.

Tonight, we went to The River (the worship thing, not the radio station).  Afterwards, Allie witnessed to some guys (read her Xanga for all about that) and I hung out with the Minton girls.  Allie got done and we drove all the way out to Steak ‘n’ Shake.  We got back and I came back to the room, where Lee and Chadwick were playing NCAA Football on my PS2 of all games.

So, I’m sure you’re all wondering what in the world is up with Allie?  Well, we’re spending a lot of time together (obviously) and we might be “together” if she decides to stay next year.  I really want her to stay, she means a ton to me, but I can see how God could be calling her elsewhere.  She’s everything I want, and she has this amazing passion and zeal for God.  She’ll follow Him to the ends of the earth, and who am I to try to stop her?  I just hope and pray that she’ll make the right decision…


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