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So, it’s Week of E.  OK.

I’m back up here at Mom’s   I’ll be here ’til next Friday when we head off for Indiana for the weekend.

So, this weekend has been nothing like the last few, I can assure you.  Instead of spending Friday wondering how I was going to handle cohosting with a girl I wasn’t sure what to do about, I was saying goodbye to my girlfriend.    We didn’t have any afternoon classes, so I helped Allie pack up her truck and such.  Eventually the time came to say goodbye.  I handed her a batch of CDs I made her (shortly before my computer exploded again, but that’s another story), then I held up my class ring.  “I don’t know if you want to do anything with this…” I said hesitantly.  She just looked at me and said “You’re so wonderful” (it’s so nice to hear someoene finally admit it ).  I put it on her and we said our goodbyes (with Sara hiding in the corner so as not to see it ).  Then they left for Florida.

I was going to spend the rest of the night in the room (after I ate at Mom’s), but my plans changed.  After Jared and I watched Terminator 3, the Korffs took Marcus and I out to see DJ at Pizza Hut.  We ate there, then went to Super Wal*Mart.  I got back and got ready for bed, then called Allie.  We had already talked a few times before then, but she was on the road or shopping, or I was shopping, so we really didn’t get to talk.  And we still really didn’t get to talk because Sara and Allie’s cousin were there making fun of her and I the whole time.  We did talk for a while, then hung up to go to bed.  Half an hour later, Allie calls to say goodnight cause she was actually going to bed this time.  Half an hour after that, she called again cause she couldn’t sleep.  I sang her some Elton John (just the first part of “Your Song”) and then she finally went to bed.  I found it hard to sleep in my completely quiet dorm.  But I did finally sleep.

I woke up this morning and called to check in on Allie.  She was fine, so I proceeded to move out of the dorm and into Mom’s.  Shortly afterwards, the family and I went to Lenior City to volunteer at some sort of a bass tournament.  The winner got $10,000.  Ten thousand dollars for sitting in a boat all day and getting some stupid fish to bite on your hook.  Ridiculous.

As I casually mentioned before, Indy III.24 casually decided to just stop working yesterday.  Tim says that all he did was try to push “play” on iTunes and it just shut down.  *sigh*  You know, I was just about to back up the most important things (i.e. all of my pictures of Allie that I can’t replace) YESTERDAY AFTERNOON but it was already too late.  Here’s a lesson for you: BACK THINGS UP NOW.  Don’t wait till tomorrow.  Cause tomorrow, your computer could be dead.  I hope he’s not dead, I have way to much stuff on there for him to be dead.  And here I sit, looking at the only picture I have of Allie, a tiny, beat-up, black and white computer print out…

At least Indy 2.3 still works.  *pats computer.  computer reboots*  Gah, stupid Windows Me…

In other news, Allie did make it home, and she’s currently out getting steak with her family.  After her “welcome back” party, I’m gonna give her a call.  I miss her already.


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  1. It’s about time for me to start another support group that consists of only two people, kinda like DRAB (Deserted Roommates Angry at Boys). This one is going to be called WOE-IS-ME (Week Of Evangelism Is Starving My Extroversion), for those of us who have been left here while everyone else goes to exotic places…namely Florida.

  2. Anonymous

    haha i’m in FLORIDA TOO!!! ok so first of all, bass fishing is very hard, have you ever done it???? i live 10 feet from a lake, i know what it takes to catch bass. not to mention how much those boats cost!! second of all i wasn’t hiding in the corner, i was GAGGING. i have to admit, giving her your ring was very sweet. i’m so happy i got to witness history in the making. just don’t go get all couplefied on me!

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