Yesterday, Allie and I talked like 6 times on the phone.  Well, she called 5 times, and once her niece Paige called me cause she was scared.  I guess she figured Allie’s cell phone could only call me, and after a run-in in the dark with a dog at Ashley Nesslar’s house, she rushes back to the car, picks up Allie’s cell phone and says “Make it call Drew.”

I had no idea that Allie could be so sweet, but she really is.  If you don’t really know her, you should.  Just not as well as I know her…  Back off, man, she’s mine.

I worked all day on Clint and Phylis Thomas’ house.  That was fun, but I’ve got to get all this Romans and Galatians work done before everybody gets back.

Allie’s on the phone!  Yeah!!!


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