So, Friday we left early in the morning to go to Indianapolis.  On the way there, we were supposed to stop by Muzz’s (Mom’s mom), so we did.  Though I had no idea that her entire side of the family would be there too.  We all had much fun together.  I found out Todd went to school with my cousin Alex.  Not something to necessarily be proud of, but it just proves the whole “small world” thing more.

We left there and went up to Indy.  We went to Chick-fil-a to meet up with Terry Pepple and his family, along with one of Ty’s old roommates.  (I have to refer to my stepdad as “Ty” while I’m in Indiana, or you’ll get really confused.  So, “Dad” in these cases actually refers to my biological father.  You follow?)  After we ate, they took me up to Dad’s (got it?).  Dad, Ma, Brian, and I went to Steak’n’Shake.  We went back to their house, Brian left and we watched game shows.  What can I say, they like game shows.

Saturday morning, Dad took me to meet the family (Chastains, isn’t this sad that I keep having to note these things?) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We hung around there for a while, then met up with Dave and Jaqui Bowden at Grindstone Charlie’s.  After a great meal, we played at good ol’ Meadowwood Park.  We hit up some thrift stores, and went to Nana and Papaw’s.  Shortly afterwards, I met up with Krystle and we went out to Fazoli’s.  We ate and talked, and talked, and talked.  Then she took me back to Nana’s and I visited with them.

Sunday we went to Chapel Rock.  Sunday school was fun, cause it was taught by Mr. Rumple.  Mr. Robert Rumple, John’s 21 year-old brother.  After church, we went out to eat with the Zych’s.  We left for home from there, with a stop at Muzz’s in Brookville to pick up my jacket that I had left there.  And so we came back with no problems.

The night was spent randomly on the phone, keeping Allie awake so she would make it back.  Eventually, she did make it back, this afternoon.  I got to see her for a minute, then she slept all the rest of the afternoon.  I watched Dragon Ball in Lee’s room while she slept.  Eventually, she got up and we went up to Mom’s to give them stuff that Allie had gotten them in FL.  After visiting for a while, we went out to Quizno’s and Super Wal*Mart.  We tried going to the Dollar Store, but it was closed.  Instead, we stayed out in the truck talking and just catching up on lost time.

I really missed Allie over the break.  She’s everything I ever wanted in a girl, and beyond.  I love her so much.


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  1. DJ, I deleted the first comment because I felt it was (1) unnecessary, (2) out of line, and (3) inappropriate to be brought about on the internet of all things.  But you felt the need to have your question answered, so here it goes.
    I’ll start by reposting my mom’s comment to your first one:
    “hey deej….if you think knowing someone 8 months before being in love is ‘slightly’ rushing things; what do you think of the fact that Tyson and I got MARRIED three months after meeting? ”
    As Mom rightly points out, Allie and I have known each other for 8 months now.  From the moment I met her, heck, from the moment you showed her picture to me over the summer, I had an interest in her.  After I really got to know her, my interest grew into wanting a relationship.  For about 4 months, I spent tons of time with her, building a friendship that I had hoped would grow into something more.  It wasn’t the time for that yet, so we backed off and I moved on.
    About 2 months ago, we reopened our friendship and it was better than ever.  Shortly afterwards, she finally expressed an interest in building towards a real relationship.  We started hanging out again, and in that time, I fell more and more for her.  After a couple false starts, we decided to give it a try and in these last two weeks we’ve grown even closer than I thought possible in that length of time.
    Yes, it may seem fast that we’ve made such proclimations mere weeks into our “relationship”, but sometimes you realize things well before they become official.
    Sorry DJ, but I love Allie Almand.

  2. You know, I try to give some healthy advice to a friend and I get ‘in trouble’.  I’m the one person who has the guts to say what they believe about a situation and I’m not allowed to have an opinion about it.
    #1.  yes, my comment was ‘necessary’ because I believe I am looking for the welfare of a friend and someone whom I consider my sister.  I seem to recall many people including their advice about Sherri during the summer…funny that they were never considered ‘unnecessary’.
    #2.  out of line?  how so?  because i was concerned for 2 of my good friends that they might be rushing things a little too fast?  It was said in a very polite manner with no words being condescending or the like.  What i said, I said in a mature fashion.
    #3.  If you post your life on the internet, you have allowed others to comment on it and what they believe.  That is the FACT of blogging.  You dont want people to post what they feel about your posts, then dont post stuff that is open to criticism.
    I think this is simply an issue that someone has finally stated that they disagree with your relationship publically and you’re uncomfortable with that.  Thats fine, but don’t accuse my actions being ‘uncalled for’, ‘unnecessary’ and ‘inappropiate’ because you have absolutely NO RIGHT to say such things when you are 2 of my better friends and I’m simply trying to give advice and concern in love.
    So, I’m done with this.

  3. Sorry I snapped at you DJ.  It’s just that I thought this was something you should have come to us personally about.  It’s not like we don’t see you every day.  And if you want to give advice, give advice, don’t just state your disapproval and move on.  I deleted your first post, hoping you would get the idea and come to one of us about it, but id didn’t work. *shrug*
    I do value our friendship, but I feel we haven’t been the same since the whole Sherri incident a year ago.  I really have no idea why we fall for the same women (I guess it’s a case of “great minds think alike”), but we do, and it’s something we’ll have to deal with.  I thought that maybe because we both got the one’s we felt were right for us that everything would be OK and we could hang out again, but it looks like I was wrong.
    I wish there was something I could do, but Allie and I are comfortable with where and how fast this relationship is moving.  And since nearly every other person we know, including my mom (who’s usually pretty good at relationship advice), seems to approve of us, I really don’t see any reason to change.  I do appreciate your concern, really.  Just come to us next time.

  4. Hey DJ….College is about learning, right?  You are learning things daily, right?  Our whole life is about learning and growing in the Lord.  So, I say, let them learn.  If God is in the relationship, there is nothing you can do to stop it.  If He is not, they will learn in His time.
    Enjoy your time while you can.  Only the Lord knows when time for us will pass, so let us enjoy and live this day as if it will be our last.
    I certainly hope God IS in it.  From my perspective, they seem to be good for each other.
    I will keep praying.  That seems like the best solution to any delimma.
    – m2k – jbcgrad – taco – whatever you want to call me.

  5. I think is all being blown out of proportion.
    I’m sorry that I stepped on your toes and possibly even embarassed you.  But I stand by what I said when I said that if you post your life publically, you open your life to public criticism.  Thats the fact of life, like it or not.
    But I think everyone just needs to calm down and if we sit down and look at the issue here, its being blown all out of proportion. 

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