So, Mom read my last entry shortly after I had posted it, and invited Allie and I up to eat lunch with them.  Like immediately after I had suggested asking Mom to feed us.  Like, maybe I was even on my cell phone with Allie suggesting that to her when Mom buzzed in on the other line and invited us over.  Creepy.


Later, we met up with The Four and such in Gatlinburg and formed a grand army of the republic.  We took over an arcade and hung out there.  Mac, Jesci, and Sherri had some old time photos done.  DJ, Zach, and Marcus got more weapons, giving us a huge amount of death-dealing items for our army.


We got back on campus in time for our soccer game.  There, Team Orange formed another grand army, such a grand army that our opponents didn’t even show.  So, yeah, we made it to the championship game without playing in the finals.  Huzzah!


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