It’s been a while.  How about a Huge Update?  Alrighty then.


Movie Night went well.  Mac won the Ashley for Music Video, which is great considering the competition she had.  I’m still really proud of her video, and can’t wait to have a copy on DVD next semester.  My Lost Planet stardom was pretty freakin sweet, though there were several scenes cut that truly showed my glory.  Or not.


Tuesday, I went to the media department so that I could have my picture taken for the Lost Planet movie poster/DVD cover.  While I was up there, I helped film the interviews for the DVD bonus material, and after they were done, Mark actually interviewed me!  So, hopefully will he not only add my deleted scenes back in, but he’ll put my insights on the DVD!  As you can tell, I’m really excited about this.


That afternoon, I worked on our sound design project, and got a good bit done.  After we finished with that, I helped Allie pack her truck full of all her stuff in preparation for her leaving Wednesday.  After we finished packing (for then) we went and ate at the snack bar.  Then we went up to Mom’s and got Traci and went out for one last night before she left.


Wednesday, I helped Allie finish packing, and hung out with her all day.  She went to her last final, then we had to say our goodbyes.  A sad time for both of us.


Wednesday night helped sooth the hurt.  We had a “Kannaday Banquet” at Olive Garden.  I figured that a few of us woud meet there, eat, have fun, and leave, but it was pretty fancy.  Twenty-five of us went, and we were all pretty dressed up.  We had our own room in the back with a long table where we all sat.  We got our breadsticks and salads, then we started toasting one another.  Each one of us got up and told the story of the first time we got involved in a Kannaday outing or met a member of the Kr3w.  This went on through the whole meal, then the three seniors that were there basically charged us to keep the fellowship up after they left.  It was a nearly tearful time.  Then the girls stood up and presented us awards that they had made.  I won the “Most Likely to Have a Star Wars Theme Wedding” award.  What’s great is that as soon as it was announced, everyone immediately started fighting on who they were going to come as (don’t worry, even I think a Star Wars theme wedding is too much).  We had a group picture taken outside, then headed back to our cars, pulled out our pellet guns and had a lovely firefight in the parking lot.  A fitting end to the night.  (Keep up with Kannaday at their Xanga, updated by several of us!)


Thursday was dedicated to finishing our sound design project, which I think we did rather well on.  Then I started packing the room.  I took a break and went up to Mom’s to have pizza and a movie (Holes, pretty good movie).  I packed most of the stuff, then watched Nick of Time with Tim (movie in real-time, like “24”, starring Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken).


Tim and I got up early this morning, moved out, cleaned up, then went to Dollywood with my family.  We had a great time and wore ourselves out.  We got back to the house, Erin came over and we watched a MST3K.  Tim and Erin left and everyone else went to bed.


So, I’m here in the office/my room, typing on my old computer, listening to the Counting Crows CD I bought from Tim, reminiscing about the past week.  A lot happened, as you can see.  It’ll take a while for most of it to sink in.  I mean, Allie’s gone.  The seniors left.  I’m going to be a senior in a few months.  I have no idea what to do with my life yet, but all I know is that God has a great plan for me, I just have to hold on for the ride.


I leave you with a good point from the Counting Crows:


If dreams are like movies,

Then memories are films about ghosts


I don’t know what it is about that line, but I really like what it has to say.


Don’t let your memories fade away.


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  1. Hey Drew! Thanks for welcoming me to my xanga site! You inspired me a long time ago and I finally got around to doing one! Your really awesome!!! hehe. Hasta Luego!! Candi

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