Finally.  I can tell you things.  Eubanks said we couldn’t tell anyone till he gave us the word, and he’s been too busy to remember to give us that word.




We’re moving!  Now, don’t get worried (or your hopes up, depending on your point of view/opinion of me).  We’re moving to the farm house-ish place that’s just to the right of campus when you’re headed out.  The one with the pond.  You know what I’m talking about (unless you’ve never been here.  In that case, bear with me).


Now, when I first heard that Eubanks offered us this opportunity to move, I was really indifferent.  I mean, I’ve lived on Old Orchard (in one form or another) for nearly 10 years.  Why move now?  This was all changed the other day when I got a tour.  You see, I get my own room, instead of sharing it with an office.  So, a bit more privacy, some creative control, that’s always good.  It’s a really nice house, you’ll have to come visit once we get settled in.


There are still a few things I’m not looking forward to:

1. I have to move my couch and Allie’s old loveseat to the barn/carport, which will be a pain to get out of the basement and I don’t want to know what might take up residence in my couch and Elaine’s new loveseat.

2. They do have network out there, but only one (1) connection.  Not “one computer at a time” or “one connection with a hub splitting it to different computers”.  One computer.  So, even after I get Indy III back (as Indy 3-D or Indy 4, depending on what the worthless company does to him) I won’t be able to do anything.  I’ll be running Windows XP without any patches, half of my drivers will be three years out of date, and of course, no online gaming.  Heck, I’ll have to use floppies to post my photoshopped pictures!  Indy will not know his full potentional for another 3 months.  Blast.  (I’m still considering putting Battlefield on Mom’s computer.  It ran it fine last year…)


So, yeah, this Saturday morning = moving.  Feel free to help if you’re around.


5 thoughts on “

  1. I still have a mark on my finger from that evil couch of ours. =)
    Drew — next year is going to own face. Seriously. Not as much face will have yet ever been owned in the history of face ownage as that face which will be owned this coming semester.
    We are the face owners. The owners of the face are us. The faces which are being owned have us as their owners. This ownage, being perpetrated upon this face, is occurring by us. Yes. =)

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