So, this weekend was going to be a “guys only” weekend, and we partly succeded.  Last night Marcus, Mac, and I played Xbox in the lobby, then I stayed in Marcus and DJ’s room.  We were wasted from working all day, so we just fell asleep.  This morning they left to do things with their womenfolk, so I just called up Abby and we went to Hardee’s.  Marcus, DJ, Zach, and I were going to go see Troy, but they all backed out.  So I took a nap instead.  I got up from my nap and went down to the Korffs’ with Marcus and Mac and watched Shrek.  After the movie, we decided we wanted our guy time, so we left and went down to Rally’s.  The girls wanted us to all go down to the river and play, but we stood our ground and stayed just guys.  We stopped by Disc Exchange and then figured it was safe to go to Wal*Mart (the girls had wanted to go there).  But it wasn’t safe, so we ran into Jesci and Mac anyway.  Us guys came back to campus and had some lightsaber fighting in the Brown Hall parking lot with DJ and Sherri.  Then we went in Marcus’ room and I witnessed the making of another classic Bobism (if you don’t know what “Bobisms” are, I might make an entry all about them).


So, yeah, things didn’t go according to plan, but they turned out fun.  As usual.


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