So, I haven’t updated in a while, I feel I am obligated to share my life with you, so here goes.  Thankfully, enough happened today that I don’t have to think too hard to be interesting.


This morning at work, DJ, Ron Strohe (an older guy), and I went to one of the warehouses on campus to get some supplies.  I walk in to open the big garage door (cause its fun!) and I see a lizard.  Now, I don’t like lizards, but I figured It’s a small one, besides I lived with hundreds of them in Honduras.  Hey, at least its not a snake.  I still was thinking these thoughts when I hear Ron say from behind me “S***, snake!” [edited for accidental swearing].  There was a snake coiled up above the light switch that he had just reached for that DJ and I had just passed unknowingly.  I managed to keep calm enough to finish opening the garage door before freaking out and running away like a girl (no offense).


This afternoon at work was interesting.  Coach Karnes (our old boss) was on vacation, Joe Kelley (our new boss) took a half day, Marcus was on vacation, DJ took a half day to rest for his trip to Florida, Ron (who normally doesn’t work on Fridays) took a half day, and Ken and Laura are still working in the kitchen.  That leaves me.  I was my own boss all afternoon.  So, I cleaned out carpet scraps out of Myrtle Hall and then glued a whole bunch of the running board (I think that’s what they’re called) in the hallways of Johnson Hall.


I let myself off of work, then later, Andy, Mac, and I went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Very good movie.  The characters are maturing well, and the new director brought some nice flair to the film.  But most of all, I like how each movie is a mystery about who’s trying to kill Harry now.  Which wouldn’t be exciting at all if I had read the books beforehand.  See, if I had known that [edited for spoilers], I wouldn’t have liked the movie at all.  It’s the suspense that gets me in these films.


^ Drew’s rant on why he doesn’t read the books first ^


Well, we move tomorrow.  I’ve got to rest up.


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