I have to say, the past day and a half have been completely cool.  Let me fill you in.

First off, last night I get online to see if Zach was on, because we hadn’t talked in forever.  He wasn’t online, so I signed off before I could be bothered by anyone else (sorry).  A few seconds later, my phone rings, and who is it?  It’s Zach, wanting to hang out.  So we went to Bel Air Grill to visit his wife and stopped by Wal*Mart on the way back.  On the way, Zach agreed to be my cohost on WJBC next semester!  (format and title to be announced later.  Keep checking here for more details.)

Moving on, today was my last day working for Development/Media.  Andy B slept in too late, so I spent the first hour just chilling with the Media peoples.  I got to see the poster for The Lost Planet, which is very nice (besides the fact that I’m on there) and got to visit with Mark, which I hadn’t been able to do in a few weeks.  He showed me the old counseling center which is going to be our new area and we dreamed of what will go where once they move in.

For lunch, Mac and I had decided yesterday to “Drew Something Crazy Wednesday” which is something we hadn’t done in some time.  So I drove her out to the McDonald’s across from Knoxville Center Mall, where our favorite DJ, Tom Morgan, was doing a live remote.  Mac and I ate with Tom on the boat The River is giving away, and he gave us cool River shirts and visors.  We got back (late) and went back to work.

Tonight after church (which was just a prayer/sign encouraging cards night), we had watermelon and fellowship.  On a side note, Josh Kelly’s mom was there.  For those of you who aren’t quite sure, that would mean that this lady I was sitting across from was the daughter of Bob and Mary Lou Martin!  Imagine a younger Bob face with Mary Lou hair and you just envisioned Josh’s mom.  Anyway, after we ate I came back and designed a new logo for the Kannaday Xanga.  Life is good.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I saw Faith Couch after work and stopped to talk for a bit.  Alright, back story: last summer during summer school, I asked Faith out to the movies, but she was way too busy then, but she said she’d love to do something with me sometime.  So, I asked if she was doing anything this weekend.  Yep, I completely asked Faith Couch out on a date.  Of course, she’s going home this weekend.  And next weekend she’ll be gone.  But the week after that she’s free!  We’ll see what comes up…


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  1. Anonymous

    i just realized how mean that was! i’m sorry! you should think highly of yourself. you are a good guy. and if you ask faith couch out again, she better say yes! 😛

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