^ Fox cancels all the good shows.  I mean, first I saw “Family Guy” and I was like, “What the crap Fox, this is great stuff!  Why’d you cancel it?”  Then I hear about this great sci-fi/western series that didn’t even make a full season.  I bought it on a whim the other day, and I have to say this is great TV right here.  Thankfully the fanbase had enough pull to get a movie made (in production right now) so that they could find out what happened to all the unfinished plotlines (i.e. all of them).  You should borrow it when you get back, doesn’t take long, only 14 episodes. ^


So, I title this entry “The Week of Losing”.  Not so much because I’m a loser, but that I lose things.  And “The Week of Losing Things” just doesn’t sound as cool.

Anyway.  It all started last Saturday.  I went to a flea market and Sevierville with my family, and when I go out with my family like that, I bring my Game Boy Advance.  So I had my GBA and all of my accessories in the car, in my handy-dandy portfolio.  Somehow, somewhere, I must have kicked it out of the car.  Thankfully, I had my GBA out at the time, so I only lost 4 games (one of which was a rare Game Boy Color Zelda game I had found the day before) and all of my cables, but still, that’s a ton of junk.  We drove back to the only places I could have kicked it out, but no one found it.  So, lost all of my Game Boy stuff.

Later that same day, I realize that I don’t have my class ring on.  I felt in my pocket.  It wasn’t there.  So, I lost my class ring heaven knows where.

Yesterday is the real interesting one.  I got a call from 100.3 The River (Tom Morgan’s station).  I had signed up to win the boat Tom was giving away a few weeks ago, and it turns out they drew my name as one of the finalists!  Which is all well and good, except that the drawing is on Saturday.  In Kingston, TN.  At noon.  And I have to be there.  Here’s the problem: The Crandalls are getting married.  On Saturday.  In Sevierville, TN.  At one.  And I have to be there (I’m an usher).  No way to make both, so bros before boats.  I mean, it was just a chance to win.  I just felt that since Mom had won a boat from a radio station years ago, I figured her luck had rubbed off on me, and now I won’t be able to even test it.  Oh well, better to go to a guaranteed wedding than a chance at more money to blow.

Alright, enough about losing.  I had some good stuff happen this week too.

Sunday, Mom gave me money to help pay for my lost GBA stuff, so her and I went shopping and I spent most of the money.  On clothes (*gasp*).  Yeah, I bought 3 new pairs of pants and another hawaiian-type shirt.  Pretty cool stuff.  Shopping with Mom was fun.  We complained about the “kids nowadays” and their weird styles.  Good times, good times.

Last night I went with DJ, Johnny, Marcus, and Ken to see The Bourne Supremecy.  It was a pretty good movie, but I liked hanging out with the guys more.

Well, I came on to change my banner and picture to the coolest things I’ve ever had up, but the JBC server is being stubborn.  So you’ll just have to wait to see them.  Tomorrow, since Laura is on vacation, I’m in charge of Paint Crew 1337.  Should be fun.  Plus, Erin comes down tomorrow for a job intervew on Friday!  Details will come later.


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  1. much thanks on the compliments on my oh-so-emo-ness. the music is still to come. i’m not real gifted in thinking up my own tunes (i’m severely musically challenged aside from anything vocal). i’m thinking i’ll team up with a friend for the finished product!

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